Darasimi & Melle

“Steadfast love and faithfulness meet; righteousness and peace kiss each other.” – Psalm 85:10 ESV

We’re getting married!

October 3rd 2015

The Big Day

Coming to our wedding on October 3, 2015? Well here are the details for the big day!
Please remember to RSVP via this link while you’re here. We kindly request that you do this by the 1st of September 2015.

Ceremony – 12:30pm

St. Luke’s Church (The Hope Church)

Bromley Common


Greater London


Reception – 3:00pm

Bromley Civic Centre

Stockwell Close


Greater London


Parking information

Parking at the Hope Church is available free of charge along Southlands Road. As this is a residential road, we recommend early arrival to occupy a reasonable space within close proximity to the ceremony.

Multi-storey parking is available at the Civic Centre for £1.20 per hour from 07:30-18:29. After 18:30, there is a single charge of £1.20 for the rest of the night.

Please visit Car Parks in Bromley if you would like further information on car parks around the town.

Wedding Gifts

We have set up our gift list below. If all the items have been purchased we won’t be offended by shopping vouchers or cash donations.

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